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God bless Gifwit.

There is absolutely no objective need for this to exist, but it’s so amazing that it does. Hotkey access to all your gifs, right in your Mac menu bar.

I’ve been using Pinboard to store gifs for while, and had about 150. Pulling them all down and rebuilding the tag library seemed like a dealbreaker.

JSON import/export to the rescue!

Grab your gifs from the Pinboard API: 

$ curl

With a quick find-and-replace term substitution (“href” => “url”, “tags” => “keywords”), you’re good to go and Gifwit will start pulling everything in.

When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose

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Finally the wrapper I was looking for to build a Streak menu bar app.

Backing up Mac chat logs to Dropbox

I like backing up my text messages and Gchat logs - there’s a lot of sentimental (and sometimes work) value.

In the past, I’ve had these on different platforms - Gchat was in my Gmail window, Facebook chat (when I rarely used it) in Facebook, and iMessage on my phone.

I’ve spent a few weekend project days trying to get them all into one centralized, plain-text archive, but have always been frustrated in one way or another, from weird JSONy Google exports to the general hairiness of iMessage and getting anything off your iPhone in a suable format.

Mac Messages is huge for me because it brings all of those platforms onto my desktop, and saves them locally. From there, it was just a matter of linking a copy of my local folder to a Dropbox folder, and ta-da:

> ln -s ~/Library/Containers/ ~/Dropbox/chatlogs