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Finally the wrapper I was looking for to build a Streak menu bar app.

Backing up Mac chat logs to Dropbox

I like backing up my text messages and Gchat logs - there’s a lot of sentimental (and sometimes work) value.

In the past, I’ve had these on different platforms - Gchat was in my Gmail window, Facebook chat (when I rarely used it) in Facebook, and iMessage on my phone.

I’ve spent a few weekend project days trying to get them all into one centralized, plain-text archive, but have always been frustrated in one way or another, from weird JSONy Google exports to the general hairiness of iMessage and getting anything off your iPhone in a suable format.

Mac Messages is huge for me because it brings all of those platforms onto my desktop, and saves them locally. From there, it was just a matter of linking a copy of my local folder to a Dropbox folder, and ta-da:

> ln -s ~/Library/Containers/ ~/Dropbox/chatlogs


(Source: Spotify)

The green mushrooms really do harm your productivity.

The green mushrooms really do harm your productivity.


Been listening to this for months, didn’t realize it was a Black Keys + Damon Dash side project…